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It’s no question – children love the holiday season. Not only do they get lots of presents and no school in sight, but everywhere they go there is another delicious treat waiting for them to eat. It’s like a smorgasbord of cakes, candies and other tasty sweets – it’s a veritable sugar plum dream. What isn’t dreamlike is trying to keep a healthy smile during this exciting time. In fact, it can be downright tough to keep a healthy smile on their child’s face. It’s like pulling teeth trying to get them to brush their teeth, but a healthy smile starts with a good foundation.

Here are some tips to start your tiny humans on the right path to a lifetime of dental health:

Daily routines. Repetition is the best way to start a good habit, so make sure your child brushes their teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Get them really excited by having them choose their toothbrush. Supervise their work until they can thoroughly do it themselves. Once teeth coming in begin to touch, introduce flossing.

First dental visit. The AAPD suggests baby’s first dental visit occur when their first tooth comes in, or around the age of one. Keeping them on a six-month dental schedule will not only ensure they keep a healthy smile but will also help prevent dental anxiety as they grow.

You are what you eat. We can instill all the dental knowledge we can, but if you have a bad diet, it won’t help. Same goes for your little one. Keep things in moderation. Limit the sugary snacks, cooked starches and sweetened drinks.

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