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Catch Dr Sandip Ladani on TACKLING ADULTHOOD PODCAST on 100.7 WLEV and all their sister radio stations! Dr Ladani had a great chat with Crockett the popular radio jockey and podcast host about how to improve oral hygiene habits and keep your teeth in check in between your dental visits for adults and kids!!

Tackling Adulthood Ep 72 - Taking a Trip to the Dentist


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Patient First Dentistry
Dr. Sandip Ladani

Dr. Sandip Ladani is a dentist with heart. It's why he established "Patients First" as the guiding philosophy at his Extraordinary Smiles offices in Schnecksville. "it's more than just treating a toothache," he says. "My goal for all my patients is to help their overall well-being."
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Dental Care for the Entire Family
Dr. Sandip Ladani

A compassionate and dedicated professional, Sandip Ladani, DMD is an expert in cosmetic and general dentistry, treats sleep apnea with medically approved oral devices and focuses on providing anxiety-free, painless dental procedures in his state-of-the-art dental practice located in Schnecksville.
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